2022-23 National and District Cabinet Members
It is my honor to announce the leaders for the 2022-23 National & District Cabinet of PAVA World. We are now able to expand our network and opportunities nationally for this upcoming term. I look forward to another successful term.
Congratulations to all! 

National Presidents 

-   Janet Chun
-   Woojoo Hong

National Vice Presidents 

-   Jooyoung Lee
 Katherine Lee
-   Kris Yi
  Aaron Han
-   Ellie Park
-   Yaena Chun
-   Jun Lee
-   Kayley Choi
-   Juhwan Kim

District Presidents

District1            Sean Yang
District 2           Justin Do
District 5           Tiffany Hyon
District 8           Elissa Yoon
District 9           Kayla Lim
District 10         Nicholas Jung
District 11         Erin Sun
District 14         Peter Yoon
District 17         Sol Kwon
District 18          Jihu Kim
New Jersey-A    Elliot Lim
New Jersey-B    Ashley Kim
New Jersey-C   Yoomin Noh
Georgia             Patrick Cho
Long Island        Siah Jang  

**District Vice Presidents will be announced later

Won S. Myung